US PSG vane pump, centrifugal pump, eccentric pump, LPG pump and metering pump

The US PSG sliding vane pump is the world leader in the same industry. After more than a century of improvement and development, there are different types and varieties of vane pumps: ordinary load series (for petroleum, food, paper, etc.), heavy Load series (for petroleum, marine, etc.), anti-wear series (for dyeing, printing, papermaking, etc.) and stainless steel series (for food, printing, soap making, etc.), higher efficiency than gear pumps, pump lubrication Ideal for oils, it also pumps low viscosity chemicals with self-priming and dry running.

Blackmer pump


  • The wear of the vane in the pump can be compensated by itself, and the flow is stable from start to finish.
  • Its high efficiency, more than 30% higher than the average positive displacement pump, saving a lot of energy
  • Can be dry, can completely drain the liquid in the container and pipe
  • Can be used to pump fluids with very high/low viscosity and containing gases
  • Symmetrical double bearing design does not produce shaft eccentricity
  • Easy maintenance, no need for special tools to replace the blades
  • NPS H is lower than general gear pumps and centrifugal pumps

Ordinary load series (applicable to petroleum, food, paper pumping)
anti-wear series (for dyeing and finishing, printing, paper making, various processes)
heavy duty series (for oil, sea)
stainless steel series (for food, printing, manufacturing) soap)

Centrifugal pump – SYSTEM ONE

SYSTEM ONE is BLACKMER’s centrifugal pump series, which is made with fine process and excellent quality. Heavy duty small flow type, high temperature type and non-blocking type. Used in chemical, paper, wastewater treatment, food, sludge.
  • US ANSI B73.1 specification standard size
  • Lowest L3 / D4 value on the market
  • Can be installed with C cabinet adapter, directly connected to the motor without correction
  • Temperature detection protection device installable
  • The bearing frame can be matched with the impeller and pump casing of other commercially available ANSI pump plants.
  • Available with common impeller and Vortex impeller

Cyclone BLACKMER LPG pump and compressor

LPG pump has high efficiency and reliability. It is used in gas storage, gas station and gasification station, tank truck.

Replaceable inner sleeve and end disc
Two-piece threaded ring
External ball bearing
Ductile iron structure
Built-in safety relief valve
Non-metallic durable sliding leaf

Oil-free gas compressors are highly efficient in transporting propane, butane, liquid ammonia and other liquefied gases.

They are suitable for unloading and gas phase recovery applications in train tankers.
Maximum performance and reliability under NPSH’s demanding work conditions
All pressurized parts are ductile iron
Resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks
Easy to maintain


Used in personal care products such as cosmetics, food industry, dairy industry, medical and health industry, petroleum industry, fine chemicals, detergents and soap industry, emulsifier industry.
  • No mechanical shaft seal
  • Does not produce magnetism
  • Compliance with International Health Criteria (CIP)
  • Self-priming function
  • Ability to empty and dry
  • Soft flow rate, low shear force