British MONO single screw pump

Mono’s “Flexishaft”, developed in the 1970s, solves the intricate design of engineering complex problems.

The main advantages of the flexible shaft are:

  • Elimination of traditional joint methods
  • No need to lubricate the joints
  • No moving wear parts
  • Sturdy rigid joint
  • Reduce support points
  • Reduce maintenance costs during use
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble (EZstrip)


Compact series

The compact C-Series is manufactured by Mono and offers you a screw pump design for compact spaces while reliably meeting the maximum power requirements of your application. Features include: inlet suction lift over 8 meters, forward movement for program control, and shifting for precise dosing.

Application: sewage sludge transportation, slaked lime slurry, papermaking raw materials, chemical raw materials, food, etc.
Maximum flow rate: up to 290m3/h
Maximum pressure: 24.3 kg/cm2 (347psi)


LF series

Mono’s LF series is the ideal choice when high-precision, low-volume drug pumping is required. This metering pump uses a flexible shaft drive pump. The material is made of synthetic rubber material or stainless steel. It is stable in operation and is most suitable for pumping. A fluid that is not resistant to pumping shear forces.

Application: alkali metal, brewing, chemical, acid, corrosive substances, cyanide, dyes, mining, etc.


Industrial Epsilon Range

Heavy duty flexible shaft transfer pumps are used.

Used in: sewage treatment, mining, chemical, pulp & paper, food & beverage, adhesives, oil and gas, industrial and so on.