Italy VARISCO self-priming pump

Non-blocking self-priming centrifugal pump J series

The oil-lubricated mechanical shaft seal, which can be dry-runned and excellent self-priming capacity (up to 7.5 meters), is the best substitute for pit pumps.

Material: cast iron, cast copper, stainless steel, Hastelloy
Pump outlet size: 1.5
Inches~12 Inches Maximum flow: 600m3/h (60Hz)


When the vacuum system is attached, it can be started without watering.
Suitable for well pump system and water removal

Slurry submerged pump

The internal gear can be selected from stainless steel or ductile iron. The pump has a pressure relief valve design for various viscosity positive displacement pumps.

Pump outlet size: 1/2
Inches~10 Inches Flow: 0.48~350m3/h
Maximum pressure: 8.15~20.39 kg/cm2
Viscosity range: 20~100,000cSt