Danish LANDIA crushing pump, mixer

Its pulverizing pump is suitable for corrosive environments, waste oil, biogas pools and other sites. The mixers are available in a variety of models and are of good quality.

Mixer features:
  1. Propeller blades with advanced hydraulic properties produce the most suitable flow
  2. The internal gears are rugged and durable, ensuring efficient operation
  3. Triple shaft seal system completely prevents fluid intrusion
  4. The standard achieved by the motor with pressure and water resistance test is IP68
  5. Motor insulation class CLASS F with overheat protection
  6. Optional explosion-proof motor
  7. Stainless steel parts are made of ANSI 316
  8. Some products are equipped with a venturi system that discharges gas at a depth of 4 meters.
Cutter system: to ensure that the inlet of the pump is not blocked, the dry particles are immersed in the pump at the inlet of the impeller and the shell is strong and wear-resistant, the open impeller: the shape and size of the impeller are specially designed to prevent particles in the pump casing and The front and rear pump casings with the guide grooves are caught between the impellers: this design allows the solids to flow smoothly to the pump outlet and effectively protects the pump’s shaft seal system.

Can be divided into submersible installation (DG-I)
long vertical axis installation (MPGI) and dry installation (MPTK-I)
dry installation (MPTK-I)

Pump outlet size: 2
Inches~6 吋 Maximum flow: 476m3/h
Maximum pressure: 6.11kg/cm2 (87psi)


The LANDIA GASMIX system includes Chopper crushing pumps, GASMIX nozzles, mixing nozzles, crushing nozzles and adjustment valves. LANDIA offers a complete custom design including pipeline design and optimized fluid mixing direction design.