Swiss HIDROSTAL spiral centrifugal pump

Unique spiral impeller: The patented impeller of the HIDROSTAL solids pump consists of two parts: the spiral part and the centrifugal part, so it combines the advantages of a centrifugal pump and a screw pump.

Non-blocking spiral centrifugal pump

Application areas:

Various process links of urban drainage and sewage treatment plants
Chemical industry: liquid crystal containing liquid, oily wastewater (no emulsification), pumping without changing fluid
Food industry and fisheries: transporting fruits, vegetables, live fish, internal organs after poultry slaughter, etc.
Paper industry: conveying pulp containing long fiber pulp or recycled
Conveying slag, mud in construction without excavation tunnel, water in construction site, etc.
Steel plant: transporting waste water containing solids such as iron filings and iron sheets
Used on dredging vessels for river dredging

HIDROSTAL spiral centrifugal pumps have the following five advantages:
  1. The true non-blocking
    HIDROSTAL pump has a special non-blocking property, especially when pumping fluids containing long fiber large diameter particles. When the long fibers flow in, the spiral impeller will self-screw into it without being entangled and blocked, which is unmatched by ordinary non-blocking pumps.
  2. The high solids
    HIDROSTAL screw centrifugal pump not only pumps fluids with up to 13% solids, but also has a large particle diameter. For example, a pump with a diameter of 100mm can pass through particles with a diameter of 75mm. Among them, the “Q” series can pump sludge and pulp content up to 18%.
  3. Excellent performance curve
    . High efficiency = low cost
    . Steep curve
    . Smooth operating point
    . The power curve is smooth
    . No overload zone
    . Low NPSH
    . Low system configuration cost
  4. The low inlet angle and single passage of the flexible suction promote the gentle suction of the pump, allowing the solid to flow in, avoiding and reducing the impact of the particles on the pump body. The specific advantages are as follows: for activated sludge or loose materials, Keep its original physical state, loose material will not be torn and destroyed. When the oil-containing emulsion is pumped, the physical state of the oil can be maintained without emulsification. The suspended fibers are not entangled to form a blockage. Fragile items such as potatoes, live fish, etc. are not damaged.
  5. Adjustable Wear Disc
    Lightweight Replacement Housing Wear Disc: The
    HIDR0S7AL pump has an optional housing wear disc that is ideal for pumping abrasive fluids. When worn, the wear disc can be replaced at low cost without replacement. shell.

    The impeller clearance is easy to adjust:
    non-adjustable: the clearance can be easily adjusted with the adjusting washer.
    Adjustable type: The gap is adjusted by rotating the three external screws to move the inlet wear disc.
    This axial clearance adjustment method can ensure the service life and efficiency of the pump.

* All bearings on the HIDR0S1AL bearing frame are guaranteed to have a service life of at least 50,000 hours.



Pre-rotation system

It uses a fixed speed motor to automatically adjust the pumping amount to achieve a low-cost system of flow change function. It is mainly used in applications where the flow rate often changes widely, such as wastewater collection systems.

The system has the following advantages:

  • Simple structure and reliable performance
  • Low investment and installation costs
  • Can effectively save energy
  • Can keep the puddle clean